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Principal's Message: Dress Code Reminder - 3/28/22

March 2020

Dear RLMS Parents and Guardians:

Is it odd that I look at the weekly temperature and start to panic about the RLMS dress for the week?  It's that time of year when I send that awkward email about our dress code.  Trust me...I've had many conversations with students about our dress code being unfair, discrimitory and just plain annoying!   

I am again asking for your assistance to help us enforce students wearing appropriate clothing to school.  Mr. Purzycki and I will holding crew expectations before and after the April vaction.  The weather is warming up and I am beginning to see more and more "belly tees."   I realize that this seems to be the current trend.  Please make note of what your child is wearing when they leave the house in the morning.    At no time should clothing detract from a student's attention to the academic process.  Students wearing attire that is disruptive to the educational process, dangerous to personal safety, or advocates substance abuse or makes sexist statements will be required to change immediately.  I did not want to give you the entire list from the RLMS handbook, but I wanted to highlight some " frequent flyer" issues that we are encountering.    

Here are some guidelines for appropriate dress:

·         Skirts and shorts must have some length and inseam.  No short shorts that show private parts (i.e. buttocks). No visible undergarments and skirts and shorts must provide appropriate coverage. 

·         Clothing should cover undergarments, and provide appropriate coverage at the midriff/belly and neckline. The midriff/belly should not be seen (i.e. lace).

·         Shirts with shoulder straps must be worn.

·         Hats and hoods are not to be worn inside (Please leave hats in your backpack).

·         Clothing that promotes or depicts alcohol, drugs, tobacco, violent behavior,  or sexually explicit or suggestive words or pictures are prohibited.

I will be asking staff and parents to help us around dress code/issues and concerns.  Please help your child avoid an awkward need to change his/her clothes during the school day.  Many thanks for your support on this one!

Yours in a turtleneck and Bermuda shorts~

Megan Tiley