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Principal's Message: 5/5/21 - 5th to 6th grade Articulation Information

May 5, 2021

Dear Parents,

Infinite Campus is the tool used for 5th to 6th grade articulation.  When you log in to the portal May 5th through May 12th and go to the course registration section, your child’s Required Courses for 6th grade will be listed. All students take language arts, math (Math 6 or Transition to Pre-Algebra), social studies, science, and physical education for the entire year. Additionally, 6th grade students have one marking period each of health, computers, family and consumer science, and art.

Under Required Courses, there is another section titled Requested Courses. This is where you and your child make selections for both world language and music study. 6th graders have the option to take Spanish or French. These are both full year courses which meet for one period five times per week. For those students who need additional reading instruction, 5th grade teachers have recommended the course Reading 6 in lieu of a world language. If your child has been recommended, Reading 6 will be listed under Required Courses.

Students currently participating in Fifth Grade Orchestra and Fifth Grade Band are strongly encouraged to continue playing their instrument. Students who participated in orchestra in 4th grade but are presently not in any ensemble in 5th grade can also choose to rejoin orchestra in 6th grade at RLMS. There is also a Beginning Band course for those children who would like to start an instrument for the first time. Decisions about type of instrument will be made with the band teacher in the fall. If your child enjoys singing, he or she can take Chorus 6 three times a week or it can be combined with orchestra or band one time per week. Finally, there is Keyboard Music for those students who do not participate in band, orchestra, or chorus. A written explanation of each music course is below and posted on our school’s website.

Please use the following detailed directions to make your world language and music selections on Infinite Campus. We suggest using Chrome or Firefox as a browser. Internet Explorer is not always compatible.

 Logging into the Portal

  1. From the portal login screen, students log-in using their Username and Password
  2. This will bring students to the main portal page where district and school notices are listed.
  3. Select More from the index on the left. Then select Course Registration. Finally, select 2021-22 Roger Ludlowe Middle School.
  4. All required courses that have been recommended by teachers and inputted by school administrators will be listed in the Required Courses list. Students cannot change any required courses listed for them. If you have any questions about the math or reading recommendation, please contact your child’s current 5th grade teacher.

Requesting Electives Courses

  1. Under Course Requests, click Add Course.
  2. A list of world language and music classes will appear.
  3. If your child has not been recommended for Reading, click on the Spanish 10A or French 10A class and then click Add Request.
  4. Click Back
  5. Next, select your music course(s). You have the following options:
  • Chorus 6 (6623) – 3 Days Per Week
  • Beginning Band 6 (6603) – 3 Days Per Week
  • Band 6 (6613) – 3 Days Per Week
  • Orchestra 6 (6633) – 3 Days Per Week
  • Band 6 (6612)–2 Days Per Week AND Chorus 6 (6620)-1 Day Per Week Add both courses
  • Orchestra 6 (6632) - 2 Days Per Week AND Chorus 6 (6620) -1 Day Per Week Add both courses
  • Keyboard Music (6643). This course is limited by seating. Please select another music option but add it as an alternate. You will see the alternate button when you select the course.
  1. Make sure to add each course using the Add Request button.
  2. When finished requesting courses, click the Print Request Summary option to print the final report. You can keep this for your own records.

We request that you complete your selections by Wednesday, May 12th.  If you have questions about the middle school program in general, feel free to contact Mrs. Cummings or Mrs. Renna, 6th grade school counselors. If you experience difficulty with Infinite Campus or have questions about your child’s recommended courses, please contact your child’s current elementary school.


Meg Tiley-Principal

Karin Shaughnessy-Assistant Principal

Penny Proskinitopoulos-Assistant Principal


Dear Parents of Fifth Grade Students:

Next year we will be welcoming your child to middle school. The purpose of this letter is to assist you in making the best choice for your child in music.

  •  All Band, Orchestra, and Chorus classes are scheduled during the regular school day. Band and Orchestra students, with the exception of Beginning Band students, also have an opportunity to sing in Chorus.
  • Students currently participating in Fifth Grade Orchestra and Fifth Grade Band are strongly encouraged to continue playing the same instrument in Sixth Grade Orchestra or Band. Any exception to this instrumental continuity should be discussed with the Fifth Grade Orchestra or Band teacher and have the approval of the Middle School Orchestra or Band teacher.

*Orchestra:  Sixth Grade String Orchestra brings together all string players who have participated in their school orchestra in fourth and fifth grade. Now in their third year of playing, the Sixth Grade Orchestra enjoys learning more challenging string orchestra literature. Students in orchestra may choose to sing in Chorus one period each week. Students who participated in orchestra in 4th grade but are presently not in any ensemble in 5th grade can also choose to rejoin orchestra in 6th grade.

*Band:   Sixth Grade Band brings together all woodwind, brass, and percussion players from the Fifth Grade Bands. With full, balanced instrumentation, students enjoy a Concert Band experience. Students in Band may choose to sing in Chorus one period each week.

Beginning Band Instrument — This class is designed for students who have not played an instrument before. Students may begin the study of a woodwind or brass instrument, based on the needs of the Sixth Grade Band instrumentation. An important purpose of

this class is to start students on specialty instruments to balance the instrumentation of the Concert Band. These instruments include French horn, baritone horn, trombone, tuba, bass clarinet, oboe, and bassoon, as well as instruments which are needed in greater numbers. Choice of instrument is determined by the Sixth Grade Band teacher in September, and no students will be assigned to saxophone or percussionStudents joining Beginning Band should not acquire an instrument prior to September. As students progress on their instruments, they become members of the Sixth Grade Band.  Students cannot take Chorus with Beginning Band.  After a successful completion of Beginning Band, students in Grade 7 Band may elect to take Chorus and Band.

*NOTE: Instrumental lessons are provided for all students in Orchestra and Band in a manner similar to fifth grade. Small group lessons are scheduled once each week on a rotating basis.

Chorus:  Sixth Grade Chorus is open to all students and is a continuation of the Fifth

Grade Choral experience. Now in their second year of choral singing, students will learn more challenging choral literature, and will expand their vocal performing and musical literacy skills.  Students who participate in Band or Orchestra may sing in Chorus one period a week.

Keyboard Music:  is a non-performing class provided for students who do not participate in Band, Orchestra, or Chorus. Sixth grade Keyboard Music is a continuation of the fifth grade music curriculum and focuses on developing the musical skills and knowledge of every child. It includes a hands-on experience with our Piano Keyboard Lab.  Seating is limited, and every effort will be made to honor requests.

Enrollment in the performing groups; band, orchestra and chorus is a full year commitment and all students are expected to participate in the scheduled concerts throughout the year. 

As extension experiences, the Music Department offers several co-curricular performing ensembles that meet either before or after school.  These ensembles, Jazz Band, Chamber Orchestra and Chamber Choir, are designed to expand the musical learning that takes place in the curricular performing groups.  As such, they are available, by audition only, to students who are enrolled in a curricular performing ensemble.

Challenge and enjoyment characterize music in our middle schools. Our music program offers exciting opportunities for your child, and we want to assist you in determining what is best for your son or daughter. With the rich musical background developed in the elementary school, students are well prepared and motivated for more advanced musical experiences. Now you are considering your child’s musical involvement in the middle school, but high school is not far off. We urge you to keep a long-range view of your child’s music education in mind.

The teachers at both levels, elementary and middle school will work closely together to provide continuity in your child’s music education.  If you have any questions, we suggest that you speak first with the music teachers in your elementary school, then with the music coordinator who can answer questions and connect you with your child’s middle school music teacherMr. Fecteau can be reached by email at [email protected].



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